"conceptually strong...wonderfully consistent...each song adds to a powerful feeling of romantic despair. One song slides effortlessly into the next."
CASHBOX CANADA - Features -- December 3, 2017
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"Video Premiere - Dawson Rutledge's 'Same Old News'"
"...an album with plenty of buzz around it...he's got the chops that make you feel that he's someone sticking around for a while."
MEDIUM -- KO63 Music (Thomas Gerbasi) -- November 29, 2017
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Dawson Rutledge And His Beautiful Monsters"
"If you were a music exec, even in today’s segmented, confused and diffuse business, you’d still probably want to roll the dice and sign Dawson Rutledge. He’s young, hip, telegenic and, oh, by the way, a really good songwriter. He’s pretty much perfect, as far as packages go...he’s just released his solo debut, Monsters. Which one imagines is going to put this young Canadian on the world map."
AMERICAN SONGWRITER MAGAZINE (Peter Gerstenzang) -- October 10, 2017
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"Premiere: Dawson Rutledge Releases New Lyric Video for 'When Life Gives You Monsters'"
"'When Life Gives You Monsters' has a subtle rhythmic groove, with Rutledge phrasing in a sort of Caribbean patois and spitting out smart lines like, 'Our two track minds have been tugging on each other / It seems no good can come from staying desperate lovers.'”
VENTS MAGAZINE (RJ Frometa) -- September 15, 2017
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"Exclusive Music Premiere: 'Same Old News' - Radiant Music From Dawson Rutledge"
"...it's superb!...Stylistically, Rutledge combines soft rock, pop, jazz and folk elements into a unique laid-back sound. His sound projects the best qualities of the folk genre, along with the vivacity and expressiveness of today’s pop music. It’s a unique blend quite unlike anything else around... Dawson Rutledge has it going on! 'Same Old News' is a sonic confection of redoubtable dominance; the melody flows infectiously, the instrumentation is bright and gorgeously compact and Rutledge’s voice is pregnant with didactic reflection, a kind of brooding absorption that provides an exquisitely delightful imminence. I’ve already added 'Same Old News' to my personal playlist. And I can’t wait for Monsters to drop!"
HUFFPOST (Randy Radic) -- September 7, 2017
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"Five Questions with Dawson Rutledge"
"THE HYPE MAGAZINE - Conversations (Interview with Just Jay) -- August 26, 2017
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"Artist Spotlight: Canadian Alt. Folk Artist Dawson Rutledge"
"Establishing himself early as a talented young songwriter, musician and vocalist, Rutledge is one of those artists that we feel will break out in coming months"
INDIE ROCK CAFE (Max Hammer) -- August 19, 2017
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"Review Fix Exclusive: Dawson Rutledge Talks Goals in Music and More"
"Taking Folk Music to a new level, Rutledge's penchant for both solid lyrics and musicianship make him someone to keep an eye on"
REVIEW FIX (Interview by Patrick Hickey Jr.) -- July 16, 2017
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"Cranbrook Artist to Attend Wapiti"
FREE PRESS (Interview by Phil McLachlan) -- June 14, 2017
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"Winners Announced for Kootenay Music Awards"
"...solo artist Dawson Rutledge took home two awards: Best Folk/Roots/Country Act and Best Breakthrough Artist..."
NELSON STAR (Will Johnson) -- March 13, 2017
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"...an up and coming star...played the crowd with an ease that belies his age...draws you in...you feel the music, not just hear it."
CROC RADIO (Review by Buddy Gold) -- February 20, 2017
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"Dawson Rutledge: A Rising Musician Keeping it Real"
GO CRANBROOK MAGAZINE (Interview by Monica Huibers, pages 26-29) -- January 31, 2017
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"...a hot new award-winning singer-songwriter...You are going to be hearing much more from this artist in the future." ColumbiaValley.com -- October 26, 2016
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"...album was half-composed at high school...music feels years beyond..."
The Lunchbox Interview: Dawson Rutledge with host Mark Kilfoil
CHSR-FM 97.9 in Fredericton, NB -- October 3, 2016
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"...one of the most talked about musicians to come from this city."
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"...just 18 years old but certainly can play!" -- SASKATCHEWAN WEEKEND (CBC Radio One) -- August 6, 2016
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"...oozing confidence on stage, he is a natural born entertainer."
EAST KOOTENAY NEWS ON-LINE WEEKLY - e-know.ca (Ian Cobb) -- May 5, 2016
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"Cranbrook Performer a Searchlight Favourite"
"Dawson Rutledge, holding down the popular vote, leads a cast of 10 acts from Interior and Northern B.C. heading into round two."
EAST KOOTENAY NEWS ON-LINE WEEKLY (e-know.ca) -- April 25, 2016
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"Dawson Rutledge in Searchlight Spotlight"
"Rutledge is certainly a dynamic and riveting performer to watch."
THE TOWNSMAN -- April 14, 2016
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"With a wealth of talent already at his fingertips...a sensational voice and a way of viewing the world unique
and well-seasoned beyond his young 18 years...it's already something magical."
-- PIPESTONE FLYER - BLACK PRESS (Amelia Naismith) -- March 23, 2016
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"I was frankly shocked that music this subtle and lived in came from somebody so young..... Today, Tonight, Tomorrow
also has a Lo-Fi, homemade feel to it that just makes it that much more enjoyable to listen to."
-- GONZO ONLINE (John The Rock Doctor Kereiff) - March 7, 2016
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"'Mysterious Woman' is the second track, and it’s the track that had me entranced. I couldn’t help sing along, and the beat captivated me from the beginning......Dawson seems to know just the right amount of each genre to mix into his music to create an irresistible sound that could easily appeal to many listeners. From the beginning to the very end, I was thoroughly entertained. This offering is one that will have no problem garnering interest in Dawson, and I am stoked to hear much more from this young Canadian artist."
-- CANADIAN BEATS (Review by Jenna Melanson) - February 25, 2016
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-- Featured in New Faces Segment of Music Express Magazine --
"'Mysterious Woman' received positive enough reviews to suggest Rutledge is definitely a talent in the making."
-- MUSIC EXPRESS (Keith Sharp) - February 23, 2016
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"Atlantic Seabreeze gives this album very good ratings and foresees a very bright future with his music career"
-- ATLANTIC SEABREEZE (John Gavin) - February 10, 2016
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October 30, 2017
Way Out Radio (United Kingdom) - "Same Old News" at #6 on Top 10 chart
-- Radio Indie Alliance (@RadioIndieAlliance)
check out the chart here ↦ 

October 23, 2017
Karoo 62 Radio (South Africa) - "Same Old News" at #5 on Top 10 chart
-- Radio Indie Alliance (@RadioIndieAlliance)
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October 18, 2016
CHSR 97.9 FM in Fredericton - "Today, Tonight, Tomorrow" album re-entry at #28 on Top 30 chart
-- earshot! (EARSHOT-ONLINE.COM)
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June 26, 2016
CiBL 101.5 FM in Montreal -- "Today, Tonight, Tomorrow" album holding at #5 again this week
remaining on the Country/Folk chart for a 5th consecutive week

June 19, 2016
CIBL 101.5 FM in Montreal - "Today, Tonight, Tomorrow" album charted at #5 on Country/Folk Chart

June 12, 2016
CIBL 101.5 FM in Montreal - "Today, Tonight, Tomorrow" album rose to #6 on Country/Folk Chart

June 5, 2016
CIBL 101.5 FM in Montreal - "Today, Tonight, Tomorrow" album went to #8 on Country/Folk Chart

May 29, 2016
CIBL 101.5 FM in Montreal - "Today, Tonight, Tomorrow" album charting at #10 on Country/Folk Chart

April 26, 2016
Album charted at CFBX 92.5 FM - The X - Kamloops - #8 on the Folk/Roots/Blues chart
-- !earshot (EARSHOT-ONLINE.COM)
check out the chart here ↦

April 12, 2016
Album charted at CFBX 92.5 FM - The X - Kamloops, at #8 on the Folk/Roots/Blues chart
-- !earshot (EARSHOT-ONLINE.COM)
check out the chart here ↦

March 1, 2016
Album charted at CHSR 97.9 in Fredericton, deputing at #20 on Top 30 albums
-- !earshot (EARSHOT-ONLINE.COM)
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